IT jobs up after RBS system crisis

Tim Wallace
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BANKS are taking on increasing numbers of IT workers and contracts in the wake of the RBS and NatWest systems breakdown, according to a report out today from industry recruiters BrightPool.

And mobile banking is set to lead job creation in the sector this year, as banks look to attract consumers on new platforms.

Fifty-six per cent of financial services contracts said mobile banking will create the most jobs, followed by 30 per cent who expect internet banking to do so, and 14 per cent who believe branch banking will lead hiring in 2012.

"The rapid growth of iPhones and Android devices has led to the increasing use of bespoke banking apps," said BrightPool's Angela Hickmore. "Banks are enthusiastic about investing in technology that allows them to cut down on the use of expensive high street locations and which leads to lower staff costs."

Wider shifts in the industry are also creating more jobs in the retail banking sector than other parts of the industry, the study found.

"Divestment and merger programmes between the large retail banks are still creating a lot of new demand for contractors who can come in and work on integration projects, like switching a retail branch's systems over to the new owner," said Hickmore. "IT is likely to be one area where the retail banks are likely to hire heavily. The banks are conducting checks of their IT platforms, following problems at RBS after a software upgrade."