Israeli billionaire sues Labour peer and FTI over George Soros

Michael Bow
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ISRAELI billionaire Beny Steinmetz, the man behind mining company BSG Resources, is suing BSG’s former PR adviser over claims it failed to act in the company’s interests.

The group yesterday claimed FTI Consulting and its chairman Lord Malloch-Brown, a former government minister, failed its fiduciary duties by passing information to US investor George Soros, who the group said opposed its operations in Guinea, Africa.

FTI Consulting said it would defend the claim “vigorously” but that BSG Resources had not yet served it with papers.

The dispute centres on BSG’s mining activities in the west African country. The company said Soros and a number of groups oppose its activities in the country.

The company allege Lord Malloch-Brown had a close friendship with Soros, which posed a “very serious conflict of interest”. FTI took the BSG contract on in 2009 but ended it in November 2012.

Soros could not be reached for comment.