Iraq committee slams BP's deal with CNPC

IRAQ&rsquo;S oil and gas committee has voiced concerns to officials in the UK over a deal which BP is due to sign with the Iraqi government tomorrow. <br /><br />The group slammed the multi-billion-dollar deal, calling it illegal, and said they should have a right to veto such plans, but the government disagrees, and believes cabinet approval is sufficient.<br /><br />The objections from the committee come as Iraq emerges from years of sectarian war and heads into an election in January.<br /><br />The group says there is no guarantee that the political decisions made by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki&rsquo;s government will be honoured by the government which succeeds it. <br /><br />&ldquo;We, in the oil and gas committee, are seeking to meet the British ambassador in Iraq and BP officials to discuss the illegality of the Rumaila oil deal and its detrimental effect on democracy in the country,&rdquo; Jabir Khalifa Jabir, secretary of the oil and gas committee, said yesterday. He is now awaiting a reply. <br /><br />The contract will see BP and China&rsquo;s CNPC teaming up to develop the 17bn barrel Rumaila oilfield, which is the biggest in Iraq.