iPhone is coolest brand but not the most reliable

Stephan Shakespeare
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THE iPhone is the coolest brand, according to YouGov research for CoolBrands. Aston Martin came second, with &ndash; astonishingly &ndash; Apple and iPod in positions three and four. It&rsquo;s an amazing success story, and the first graph shows the climb over the past year.<br /><br />The scores here are proportional, which means the proportion of positive clicks out of positive and negative combined. So the lowest score in the chart is for &lsquo;value&rsquo;, which has just reached 50 per cent: it means that half the population think it&rsquo;s good value-for-money, and half don&rsquo;t, a big improvement over eighteen months ago, when under a third thought it good value.<br /><br />The one worry for Apple is that perceptions of quality have peaked and are faltering. I can confirm: I adore my iPhone, but I&rsquo;m getting increasingly frustrated at it freezing on me. And I know if I go to have it repaired, I won&rsquo;t get a replacement but some second-grade device.<br /><br />But though the iPhone is undeniably cool, that isn&rsquo;t the whole story. iPhone came top of our survey for CoolBrands, but BrandIndex shows that on some other values, Apple loses out heavily to Nokia.<br /><br />The second graph compares the Nokia and iPhone brands on customer satisfaction, quality, recommend, and on all four Nokia strongly outperforms its rival. Maybe it&rsquo;s not as cool, but it certainly is respected.<br /><br />iPhone is part of the trend to having all information continuously at one&rsquo;s fingertips, and YouGov strongly subscribes to this vision. Thus we have launched daily political polling with our partners Sky.<br /><br />For the duration of the conference season, you can get same-day results at YouGov.co.uk/Today from 5.05pm. Stephan Shakespeare is co-founder and chief innovation officer of YouGov.