iPhone alarm causes new year headache for Apple

ALARMS failed for a third day for thousands of iPhone users yesterday, despite assurances from manufacturer Apple that the device would fix itself.

Non-recurring alarms on the smart phone suffered a New Year bug that prevented the wake-up calls from working.

The makers of the smart phone assured users the phones would work from yesterday, yet problems persisted with many handsets on the bank holiday as employees began to return to work. The malfunction comes after a number of high-profile iPhone glitches for Apple, including another alarm failure when the clocks went back in November.

More serious issues surrounding reception on its latest iPhone 4 heaped embarrassment on the firm. Apple was forced to accept that reception on the device dropped when held in a certain way – which proved particularly troublesome for left-handed users.

The potential impact glitches can have on the firm was underlined when Apple’s market cap plummeted $6bn (£3.9bn) the day after a bad review in an influential US electronics magazine earlier this year.