iPhone 4S sales set a new record

Stephen Dinneen
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iPhone 4S has become the fastest selling mobile device ever, despite initial scepticism, shifting more than 4m units in just three days.

The handset more than doubled the record set by iPhone 4 last year, instantly entering the list of all-time fastest selling gadgets.

It is now vying with Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect – which sold 8m units in two months – for the top spot.

The iPhone 4S had already broken Apple’s record for the most pre-ordered device, racking up more than 1m in 24 hours, compared to the iPhone 4’s 600,000.

However, most analysts expected it to get off to a blistering start. The 4S will be deemed a success – or a failure – on whether it goes on to shift more than 20m units a quarter.

The 4S includes a faster processor than its predecessor – designed by FTSE 100 member ARM – and an improved camera. However, the biggest attraction is its Siri voice recognition software that Apple says could revolutionise the way we interact with our phones.

Apple also said it has seen 25m people download its new iOS 5 operating system since it went live a week ago.

UK broadband providers said traffic on their networks was at an all time high as users of Apple’s mobile devices, including the iPad and iPhone, scrabbled to download the latest software.