Investors reckon recovery will continue

THE share price recovery is set to roll into next year thanks to government efforts to kick-start economies, a poll showed yesterday.<br /><br />More than 75 per cent of investors were confident of a neutral or positive equity market outlook in 2010, according to the Global Investor Review survey of 150 major investment banks.<br /><br />The driver of the higher confidence was government stimulus packages worldwide, the study by public relations firm Financial Dynamics said.<br /><br />Opinions on the financial sector varied, with some investors naming it among their most favoured areas, but others saying it was least preferred.<br /><br />Healthcare and technology firms were favoured most, while consumer-related groups were least popular.<br /><br />Asia Pacific investors are most upbeat and Asia and the US were the most preferred investment areas, but UK?investors were most pessimistic.<br /><br />Investors are sceptical about European firms and the UK.<br /><br />FD&rsquo;s global chief executive Charles Watson said: &ldquo;Whilst confidence has improved dramatically since the start of the year, markets will increasingly reflect fundamentals and not sentiment.&rdquo;