Q. Dear Andrew, I am planning to redecorate my bathroom and want to try to make it look bigger. Are there any tips you can give me?

A. We would all like a larger bathroom but the reality is – especially if you live in London – that the space provided for is adequate but nothing more. There are, however, some clever tricks you can use to make the space appear larger. The first stage is to plan exactly what you need in your bathroom because keeping the fittings to a minimum will help achieve the appearance of space. If the room is not the main bathroom, you may be able to remove an existing bath and install a large shower cubicle, using an almost frameless shower surrounded by glass will help to make the room appear larger. You could even waterproof the room to create a wet room without a shower surround. But this is not recommended if you are redesigning the only bathroom of your home since the resale can be affected if you don’t retain a bath in one of your bathrooms.

Another key element to get right is storage and your requirements should be carefully considered before you start any work, since nothing makes a bathroom appear smaller than masses of bathroom products on all the surfaces. Using wall hung bathroom furniture will help to create an impression of spaciousness. as the sight lines of the floor are not broken up with furniture. You could consider hanging your basin from the wall, maybe with integrated furniture underneath. You could also use a wall-hung toilet if the space allows. Unfortunately, well-made furniture can be very expensive to buy so it needs to be carefully sourced. You must try to resist the temptation to buy cheap stuff at the local DIY store – chances are that it won’t survive long. Tavistock Bathrooms is a good cost effective supplier. Schneider is also a good high-end bathroom supplier, their cabinets include integrated lighting, shaver sockets and a heated mirror on the front. This is fantastic for men who want to shave after having a shower. Remember that planning is very important here since you need to route the electricity supply before the tiling is done.

The correct choice of tiles is another important thing to consider. If you use smaller tiles, you will have more grout lines, leaving you with a very busy-looking bathroom. It is often much better to choose a larger format tile. This will also allow you to choose the same tile for the floor as well. This will give a clean, uncluttered look – but remember to ensure your chosen tile is suitable for both places.

The colour of the tile can also have a huge impact on the spaciousness. If you choose a lightly coloured gloss tile, the natural light will bounce around the room. Darker-coloured elements can be added in the form of towels or accessories.

If you remember to consider these elements you should be able to achieve a bathroom that maximises the space you have without compromising on any of your requirements.