Q. I am moving to a smaller home and want to design the new rooms around my existing big furniture, can you give any advice?

A. With many people downsizing to smaller homes – and as it often impractical to replace all your furniture – the challenge is to make your large furniture work in a smaller space. Although instinctively many people think “small house equals small furniture” a great look can easily be achieved by using a few large pieces of furniture if you carefully think about several key steps.

The first question has to be, would the furniture actually fit into my new home?

Then, if it does, ask if your furniture can serve two purposes in your new home. It will help to eliminate redundant pieces. One example of this could be your cherished dining table that you actually don’t use often but don’t want to part with. Consider using it to display a collection of books stacked in piles. They are therefore easily accessible and you don’t need a separate bookcase. The table also becomes a great focal point.

With larger furniture, the space may be dominated by the colours of the furniture so it is often advisable to choose a neutral, pale tone decorating scheme.

By carefully placing pieces. You should easily be able to use your existing furniture. Just remember that you might not be able to bring everything.