Founders of Rous Iland members’ Boutique,

Pastels once again dominate for Spring 2012. As pretty and delicate as lavender, mint green and candy pink may look on the fashion pages, against the skin these chalky pale tones can be draining. To prevent pastels washing you out, team them with a strong saturated block colour or a bright white or deep black. These stronger shades will help to define your silhouette and provide a counter-balancing edge to this girlie palette. It also means you can wear them now to get a little hit of spring without catching a cold. Sandrina Fasoli’s print blouses have the perfect balance of baby blue and navy to flatter all skin tones. Team with a classic black trouser suit to lift your mood in the office.

The new exotic fruit for this season is a peplum: a short overskirt attached to a fitted jacket, blouse or dress. Mirroring the opening petals of a flower, this is another ultra-feminine Spring trend. The problem is that it can make even the most boyish of us look wide-hipped by adding extra volume at the largest point of the body. To ensure your peplumed piece flatters you, choose one in a structured fabric which clearly stands away from the skirt underneath so you can still see the line of your silhouette. If you are a pear shape then avoid dresses and try instead a peplum style jacket that nips in very tightly at the waist to show off your narrowest point, whilst softly concealing the bum and hips. D-Exterior has produced a beautiful jacket this season in black but with a flash of orange on the reverse of the peplum.

There was an air of the Roaring Twenties across the Spring 2012 catwalks. An intoxicating mix of sequins and embellishment, Gatsby glamour is the modern choice for eveningwear. The minimal shift shape is effortless and chic whilst luxe detailing of the fabric allows you to keep your accessories simple. The problem is that this is not a shape that traditionally works well on curves. Slavishly following this trend without factoring in your body shape may result in a dress that is tight and sparkly on all the wrong bits. The trick is to find a modern shape that nips in at the waist. Rachel Gilbert has perfected the art of 1920s beading on a waisted shift shape. Don’t be afraid to have a dress tailored slightly to better suit your figure – which is essential if you are investing in true vintage you want to enjoy rather than just pointlessly displaying in your wardrobe.

With the fast approaching Olympics, SportsLuxe is another key trend. We suggest you approach this one with a little caution. Overdone and you will risk looking like Sporty Spice. Show your enthusiasm for the world’s largest sporting event by picking up on sporty fabrics like grey jersey in classic shapes that you already like. Zoe Jordan’s Winston trousers which team olive silk with soft jersey are a perfect example. The same approach applies to the ‘global traveller’ aesthetic, which draws on strong prints, beading and traditional crafts. To avoid looking like you’ve just come back from your gap-year partake by adding tribal inspired accessories over classic outfits. Nocturne and Rutzou have both created beautiful necklaces which are an easy way to add a little traveller spirit to your wardrobe.

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