Inner London is the EU’s most productive economic region

Ben Southwood
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OUT OF all the regions across the 27 members of the EU, inner London has the highest productivity per capita, figures showed yesterday.

With its GDP per capita at 328 per cent of the EU average the capital’s most productive areas are the cream of the trading bloc, the data from Eurostat showed.

This put inner London ahead of Luxembourg, which placed second with 266 per cent of the EU’s GDP per capita, Brussels in third with 223 per cent, and Hamburg in fourth with 203 per cent. Ile de France, the French region which includes Paris, rounded off the top five with GDP per capita 180 per cent of the union’s mean – under 55 per cent of London’s level.

Areas in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Poland made up the entirety of the bottom twenty, with Severozapaden in Bulgaria doing worst, producing just 26 per cent of the EU average per person.

Severem tsentralen, also in Bulgaria, and Nord-Est in Romania were second and third-worst.