Indulge your inner vanity queen

WHEN Claridges launched an ultraglamorous package last year that revolved around having a vintage Christian Dior dressing table in the room, alongside a “dressing table service” (a Frank Sinatra CD, a room service cocktail and more), it was official. Dressing tables are back.

In our harried world, taking the time to sit before a mirror at a table whose sole purpose it is to support makeup, candles, hair bits, brushes, magazines, half-full wine glasses and ribbons, has simply and sadly fallen by the wayside. It’s usually a smash and grab job at the gym before dashing to work, and who doesn’t feel that their bathroom sinks are cluttered with “stuff” that really ought to have another home?

Enter the dressing table, a chance to regain some of our dignity of old, and an excuse to enjoy our own company for a few minutes in the morning and evening. Here are some of our favourites – gorgeous pieces in and of themselves.