IBM in US probe over claims it unfairly abused dominance

IBM, the computer hardware giant, is facing a US Department of Justice (DoJ) investigation over allegations it abused its dominance of the mainframe market to squeeze out its rivals.<br /><br />The anti-competition probe was announced yesterday by Ed Black, chairman of the Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA), which had urged the DoJ to step in.<br /><br />The CCIA says IBM stopped offering its operating systems to customers that chose to buy mainframes &ndash; large computer servers &ndash; from its competitors.<br /><br />It did this in retaliation against their disloyalty for shifting to non-IBM hardware, the CCIA alleges.<br /><br />IBM also bundled its mainframe operating systems with its own hardware, squeezing out other software firms that should be allowed to compete on IBM platforms, the CCIA also claims.<br /><br />The non-profit trade group counts software giants Microsoft and Oracle, but not IBM, as members.<br /><br />IBMpointed out that a similar case involving software developer T3 Technologies was dismissed by a USDistrict court &ldquo;just last week&rdquo;.