I’ll streamline safety rules, says Grayling

Tim Wallace
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EMPLOYMENT minister Chris Grayling has revealed plans to dump dozens of health and safety rules, telling the Sunday Times: “Health and safety legislation should be all about saving lives and preventing people from serious injury, but we have a bad record on unnecessary red tape.”

”Regulations expected to be cut include “strict liability” rules, under which employers can be sued even for accidents that were not their fault.

The red tape challenge was launched in April, providing a website through which members of the public can detail their experiences of regulation and suggest improvements.

Grayling’s declaration came as business groups called for further action on red tape among fears that the much-vaunted “red tape challenge” has lost its momentum. The British Retail Consortium (BRC) called on George Osborne to slash regulations hitting retailers, whilst a PwC study shows the challenge red tape presents businesses, and Grayling (pictured right) yesterday announced plans to scrap the most damaging health and safety rules. “Eighteen months in, with the economy stalling, the need for the Government to deliver real growth – not just more promises – is all the more urgent,” said the BRC’s director general Stephen Robertson.

The government has “so far failed to deliver any significant de-regulation.”

Professional services firm PwC also published a new survey today showing a quarter of large firms see regulations as a key challenge.

“Red tape is undoubtedly a major issue for British business, and is particularly acute for smaller and mid-sized firms, where it can mean the difference between success and failure ” said tax partner Alex Henderson.

“While global economic difficulties are largely beyond the Chancellor’s control, they make it more important than ever that the UK stands out internationally as a place for business.”