I don’t predict a Cyp-Riot says G4S executive

WITH CYPRIOT banks scheduled to reopen tomorrow after a week of closure, now would not be the best time to be short-staffed on security.

However with security firm G4S providing the bouncers for the country’s banks, which have been closed for over a week while the government negotiates a bailout, The Capitalist can’t be the only one having ominous Olympics flashbacks.

The security company famously admitted, only weeks before the start of last year’s Olympic Games, that it could not provide the full 10,400 security guards that it had promised.

Lo and behold, John Arghyrou – managing director of the Cyprus arm of G4S – said yesterday that “demand is greater than we can provide” explaining that “licensing rules prevented the firm from bringing in extra staff to handle the unprecedented workload.”

However Arghyrou wasn’t predicting a riot yesterday: “People have had time to digest the agreement so maybe there won’t be that scenario whereby people run to the banks to withdraw.” Fingers crossed.

■ Co-founder of travel website lastminute.com Martha Lane Fox formally became the youngest female member of the House of Lords yesterday. Pledging allegiance to the Queen in the historic chamber, she took the title Baroness Lane-Fox of Soho in the City of Westminster. However The Capitalist hears one cheeky peer couldn’t resist the quip: “Is this a last minute thing?” Also introduced with Lane Fox, but without any witty repartee, was composer Michael Berkeley, who took the title Lord Berkeley of Knighton.