Huhne in driving ban row

ENERGY secretary Chris Huhne yesterday denied that he avoided a driving ban in 2003 by getting someone else to take the blame for his speeding.

The allegations, which have been circulating for months, appeared to be confirmed by Huhne’s estranged wife Vicky Pryce of FTI Consulting.

Asked in an interview if it was true that the Cabinet minister had convinced someone else to take the blame for his driving violation when he was an MEP, she said: “Oh gosh. Yes, he did.” She added: “There is such huge pressure on politicians to be everywhere at once... and he does drive a bit like a maniac.”

Huhne’s spokesman at first refused to respond to the claims and then later issued a denial, saying the allegations are “simply incorrect”. Huhne was, however, banned from driving after the alleged incident took place for a different offence of driving while talking on his mobile phone.