HSBC coins corporate-ease term as staff learn jobs have demised

AS job market watchers will know, HSBC announced yesterday it would be “demising the roles” of 942 relationship managers as part of wider job cuts that “may result in a net reduction of 1,149 roles in total”.

But surely the bank could have cushioned the blow with slightly more delicate terminology?

The hideous, not to mention morbid, turn of phrase is almost as offensive to the ears as the unfortunate prevalence in offices of verbalising nouns – no, The Capitalist would not like to diarise a meeting, thank you for asking. This bowdlerising of language needs to be made redundant.

As HSBC’s head of UK business Brian Robertson put it, “change is always unsettling”. Quite.

■ To Leadenhall Market yesterday, where not only were insurance brokers fleeing the Lloyd’s building for a St George’s day Pimms and pork pie – but the literary-inclined were headed to Waterstones for the book signing of US author Harlan Coben’s latest thriller Six Years. And who was first in line to pick up a personalised copy of the novel? Harlan’s brother Craig Coben, who happens to be the head of equity capital markets at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The canny banker told The Capitalist : “The equity market can often throw up unexpected twists in direction – just like the plot of my brother’s book.”