Whatever you think of Scottish independence, the traditions of our Northern neighbours occupy an exalted position the UK over. But when it comes to the ultimate piece of Scottish fashion – and statement of manhood – many a non-clansman feels confused. With Burns Night on its way (25 January), we asked a few Scots what you need to know about donning a tartan.

Undergarments: Niall Gallacher, a clansman from Glasgow, insists that kilts should be worn sans underwear. “The tradition of wearing them without underwear persists because it’s nice to feel the breeze.”

Pleats: Decide what your bag is. “Are you a pleat man or not?” says Gallacher. Pleats are more formal – but they also make a kilt more expensive since each one adds a good bit of fabric.-

Colour: If you haven’t inherited kilts, then you’ll want to choose a classy number. “I like green hues” says Gallacher. “Green’s classier than red, which somehow looks…orangey. A bit tacky.”

LengtH: “A kilt should be neither too short, like a miniskirt, or too long, which looks like you don’t know what you’re doing,” says Gallacher. “When you kneel, the hem should graze the floor and when you stand, it should go to just below the kneecap.”

For luxe kilts: and less luxe: