How to triple your chances of winning the job

TODAY’S job market is one of the most competitive we’ve ever seen. Good job opportunities attract literally hundreds of online applications. Often every one of these lists the same high levels of skills and qualifications.

Just how can you stand out and win the job you want in this context? Especially when it is clear that trying anything gimmicky is the fastest way to get rejected.

Our new book, based on in-depth international research, has uncovered some startling new answers.

For a start, it helps to know what employers really want – and it turns out that skills alone are not enough. In fact, ninety-seven percent of employers say they choose the right mindset over the right skill set when they recruit.

Further research identifies the specific qualities that make up this winning mindset. We discovered these fall into three groups, which we have called Global, Good, and Grit, naming the winning combination the 3G Mindset.

The practical breakthrough came with a study of 30,000 CVs, analysed from first application to final outcome.

We wanted to find out if there were any CV characteristics that had a statistically measurable effect on success.

Our independent research team really struggled at the start. They kept trying to check out evidence for actual impact from following the best advice they could find – and came up blank each time.

Including an introductory personal statement gave jobseekers no advantage. Adding a hobbies section made no difference. Using active verbs such as “managed”, “led” and “communicated” did not make applications more successful.

Finally, however, a breakthrough came.

It turns out that CVs that include specific examples that demonstrate the impact of the 3G Mindset at work literally triple the chances of jobseekers getting the job they want.

As far as we know, this is the first time anyone has been able to identify such a statistical effect. Its impact on your future could be huge.

The book is packed with advice, tools and exercises to help you develop and show employers you’ve got the mindset they want, and gives you access to the world’s first programme for gauging and strengthening a winning mindset.

This is even more important when you realize just how valuable the right mindset makes you to employers.

We spoke directly to leading employers across Europe, Asia and the Americas, including Aviva, Merck, Prudential, Shell, Mars, Facebook, Ernst & Young and Deloitte.

All of them agreed that mindset trumps skill set not just when they choose whom to employ but when assessing how much value a given person actually delivers. We asked a simple question: “So, specifically, how much is someone with the right mindset worth to you, compared to an ordinary recruit?”

The result was startling. On average, top global employers told us that a person with the right mindset is seven times more valuable.

Developing a winning mindset is not a cheap gimmick. It’s a much deeper, more fundamental process, which can change your life as well as your career.

It can also triple your chances of winning the job you want. Not a bad start.

Put Your Mindset to Work by James Reed and Dr Paul G. Stoltz is published by Portfolio Penguin at £12.99, and includes a unique code to access 3G to measure, master and apply your mindset.