How my home just got more high-tech

Stephen Dinneen
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it’s the hottest week of they year. Excellent. Perfect time to slam the heating up to 11. My house is like a sauna. Seriously, it’s uncomfortable. Unbearable. It’s Speedos or nothing.

Why? Because I have just had a new gadget fitted to my boiler that lets me control my central heating from my iPhone. It’s amazing. Open the app, choose the temperature, go wild. Thirty degrees you say? Hell yeah. I’m a techno god and I demand fire.

The new product from British Gas, called MyHome, is a very clever little device. Not only can you set the heating and temperature remotely, you can actually see how hot it is both inside and outside your home, so you are best placed to decide exactly what temperature you would like to arrive home to, to the nearest half degree.

You can also go online and use a simple program to set exactly when you would like the heating to come on and off throughout the day.

All you need to do is pay a one-off installation fee of £199, which covers an engineer fitting a device to your boiler that communicates with a small, wallet-sized box that plugs into one of the ethernet ports on your internet hub.

You will also get a fancy new thermostat. British Gas reckon it could save you money, allowing you to turn the heating off if you’re going to be late home.

It’s going to cost me a fortune, though – I keep turning it on and off, just for larks. Life is good when you have gadgets.