How to make your life a little easier...

Modern life can be stressful. If you are feeling the pressure, take a look at these ingenious ways to shave valuable seconds off your day, whether it is by speeding up your commute, sorting out your schedule, or helping you out with your shopping.

Love good food but don’t have time to source top ingredients? Enter Gousto, a service that lets you pick from a range of recipes for each day of the week and delivers the right amount of ingredients to feed you and your family.
From £42 a week for a “couple’s bag”;

Close Shave Society
Running out of razor blades is a real pain. Never let it happen again by subscribing to the Close Shave Society, a razor delivery service that will supply you with however many de-fluffing implements you think you will need. As well as the frequency of deliveries (monthly or bi-monthly), you can also choose whether to go for three blade or five blade. The firm promises blades at least as good as leading brands and, having given them a whirl ourselves, we’re inclined to agree.
£6/month or £6.50 every two months for the five-blade option or £4/£4.50 for the three-blade;

Find My Car
Ever finished shopping and realised you have no idea where in Westfield you left your car? Never go through this pain again by downloading this invaluable free app, which allows you to store your car’s location via GPS and even make notes for yourself. You can also download the info in case you lose 3G.
Apple App Store; Free

Honda Miimo
What’s the most annoying thing about mowing the lawn? The clumps of soggy grass? The noise? This robotic lawn-mower from Honda takes the pain out of one of the most taxing household chores. The Miimo trims the grass several times per week, each time cutting only three millimetres off the top, a small enough amount to decompose naturally. It mows the lawn within an electronic perimeter, using sensors to navigate. When it’s running out of battery it returns automatically to the charger.

Tube Exits App
You probably know the best carriage to sit in for your daily commute, but what about those novel journeys? Tube Exits allows you to cut time off those journeys by telling you exactly which carriage to board to arrive at the platform exit of your destination. And the benefits don’t end there. The app also tells you the best station exit to take according to your destination address and which side of the carriage to stand based on what side you will get off. Rush hour travel has never been easier.
Apple App Store; 69p

Agreeing on what cuisine to order in can cause arguments. Deliverance help. The company delivers restaurant-quality food from a wide range of cuisines that will make sure the whole family’s happy. The new app allows you to order food on the go to make sure it arrives at your doorstep as you do.
Apple App Store; Free

iPhone Sunrise App
These days it is common to spread your entire life over a wide range of social media platforms. It can be difficult staying organised when you’ve got different events pencilled in on both Facebook and Google Calendar. The Sunrise Calendar App incorporates data from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more, so you never have to worry about missing an event by looking at the wrong schedule. It also reminds you of friends’ birthdays and the weather and can direct you to your events using Google Maps.
Apple App Store; Free

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