How to make a mammoth style statement

IN THESE sartorially dismal times, when white shirts and grey suits are the name of the game in the Square Mile, a man has to be subtle with those little flourishes that add a bit of pizzazz to his work wardrobe.

For a City gent – at least one who doesn’t wear glasses – the best way to personalise the old uniform is with cufflinks. Now, you can go long with these little blighters. We have all seen those horrible efforts, the ones which resemble breasts or Homer Simpsons and which speak a bit too loudly of a certain type of character.

Far better are the sorts of thing we have here, which speak of subtle but unusual taste, including a pair made from genuine fragments of mammoth tusk, chipped from an animal found in the Siberian permafrost a few years back. They’re been lovingly fashioned by Dunhill, and are available exclusively to Harrods for the re-launch of their menswear section.

Onyx and mother of pearl chess cufflinks

Cufflinks from mammoth fossil tusk, exclusively for Harrods

DAMIANI, £2,000
Colonial Hawk Eye cufflinks

Stag cufflinks

Reversible cufflinks

WILLIAM & SON, £2,100
White gold and sapphire round diamond cufflinks

18 carat gold with onyx cufflinks