How to have the perfect World Cup at home

1 Slingbox Pro With World Cup viewing forecast to cost businesses £11.6m this year as matches collide with the working day, make sure you can skive with the best of them. The Slingbox Pro enables you to channel your TV through the internet to your computer or mobile device, wherever you are. Simply set up the box to receive up to four inputs from any source – whether it’s from freeview, satellite box or a regular TV aerial – then install the software on your computer or mobile and you’re ready to catch the games anytime, anywhere.

2 Speakers There’s no better way to generate that authentic stadium atmosphere in your living room than with a pro sub and speaker setup. Bowers & Wilkins offers a relatively affordable option with the MT-25. The system comprises a 5.1 speaker arrangement with beautifully clear upper tones from its Nautilus tube-loaded tweeters and sizeable bass tones from a subwoofer perfectly balanced with its satellite speakers. The speakers are tiny enough to fit discreetly into your home while filling the air with full, rich sound. Perfect for catching the exquisite lyrics of those football anthems.

3 Projector For those who want the big-screen, full HD experience for World Cup season but without the hassle or space requirements of setting up a permanent widescreen, there’s the Domino D80E from Sim 2. As the favoured projector company of Francis Ford Coppola, Sim 2 offers users full, rich colours and a beautifully sharp picture. This D80E model also uses 10-bit video processing technology to output standard resolution video as HD, which means whichever of the projector’s many input options you choose, you can enjoy precise pictures of the match. And all this without the need for a bulky screen taking up space in the house.

4 Popcorn Add to the cinema atmosphere of your World Cup screenings with a big, healthy dose of popcorn. Since this football-themed popcorn-maker uses hot air instead of oil to pop the kernels, it does the job without adding to your fat intake. And there’s no waiting around either – it will churn out a full batch from 100g of kernels in under four minutes.

5 iPhone app With designers racing to bring out an app for the new iPad, mere mortals yet to upgrade at least have use of this free app from designer Daniel Cisneros. The app keeps you up to date with every development from South Africa – with dates and groups all arranged in clear matrices, it’s the best way to keep track of your team’s progress. The app is designed with great attention to useful details: match times appear automatically in your local time so that you can be sure not to miss a match. The paid-for version even adds live updates.
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6 Floodlight Deck out your workspace with a football-themed desk light. With a chrome finish and swivel head, this lamp offers an original alternative to the usual desk light. Designed as a replica of a stadium floodlight, the light’s six bulbs will direct 240 watts of power your way at the flick of a switch. And if you’re one of millions prioritising the World Cup over desk-bound work this month, just shift it over to the living room for extra half-time lighting in keeping with the mood.
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7 Beer cooler Is all that World Cup brew taking up too much space in the fridge? Invest in a draught-beer chill dispenser and enjoy cold beer on tap from the comfort of your own home. Fill it up with a five-litre keg and the mains-powered draught dispenser will keep your beer cool and fizzy until you’re ready to drink. As the pubs fill up with fans queuing at the bar, this dispenser lets you and your friends enjoy the draught beer you can’t get at the off-license. Time to wave goodbye to the metallic taste of those tepid tinnies.