How to get hired: 30 seconds in a lift with your future boss

MAKING small talk with your boss as you ride the elevator together to the 33rd floor is probably something that most people try to avoid first thing in the morning, with the weather, weekend plans and last night’s television ranking high among the “safe” topics for discussion.

But what if that 30-second journey was all the time you had to impress a potential employer?

That’s the strategy being employed by market research firm Saatchi & Saatchi X, part of the famous advertising group, which will today hold open auditions for potential graduate recruits – in the lift at their West End offices.

After successfully hiring two graduates through its “pitch in a lift” day last year, the agency is offering the same oppotunity to the class of 2012.

Potential recruits will be given just 30 seconds in a confined (and moving) space to make an impression on the group’s senior executives.

Those who make an impact will then be invited – in true reality TV show style – to the next round of interviews, the Saatchi & Saatchi X Boot Camp.

Make it through that and you could end up with a year-long placement at the firm as last year’s winners have proved, with both currently part of the firm’s planning and design teams.

Eager grads are free to show up from 9am today armed with nothing more than a CV and a winning pitch – ready for the most important ride of their life.