Clare Rous & Kara Iland

Q. I am stuck in a rut of buying blacks and greys. I want to wear colour but don’t have any confidence in what suits me. Should I get my colours done?

A.DON’T be fooled into thinking that there are clear rules about colours that you haven’t been taught. There are too many factors to influence what we individually feel good wearing to be simplified into general terms. We all have our own particular associations with certain shades – influenced by school uniform pet hates to aspirational style icons. We also all have a unique set of colouring and our own way of wearing make-up/styling our hair which itself changes depending on our mood and the season. You just need to be brave and try different colours on and trust your own reaction. In every colour family there will be a shade that suits you.

To start with try different colour accessories. A skinny belt in gold, cobalt blue or even coral pink will add a little pop of colour to black and grey ensembles: try Black & Brown’s rainbow selection of styles.
Oversized cashmere scarves in modern digital prints, as perfected by British designer Lilly and Lionel, are an easy way to introduce colour near your face in a simple item you can take on and off depending on how brave you are feeling. For your clothes chose new modern neutrals: olive and khaki greens, French navy blues, and mushroom taupes are all flattering options and easily paired with your existing blacks and greys. Finally don’t forget about the texture of the fabric. Silks worn on the upper body reflect light up to the face to enhance the natural colour of your eyes, skin and hair.