Founders of Rous Iland members’ Boutique

Q. I'm now officially pasty white and feeling exhausted from too many parties, but there's still over two weeks of a full social calendar before the year ends. How can I disguise my weariness and keep things exciting?

A. If you're already bored of your winter day-to-night ensembles, explore your summer wardrobe and work it now. Pull out anything in a bright print, but choose those with a dark base so they don’t look out of place with black or navy tights. Rebecca Taylor's silk tunics work a treat all year round. Louise Amstrup’s wrap dress (exclusive for Rous Iland) in a stunning city-scape influenced print with lights will brighten up your complexion. Tie it to the front and it is long for day, tie it to the back and it is short for partying all night long. Alternatively, pick up something bright from the pre-collections so that you feel one step ahead. Arnsdorf’s fuchsia shirt dress can be layered with tights and ankle boots now and will set off a tan perfectly come May.

Add some sparkle around your face with necklaces, earrings and hair jewels. We all love diamonds but for a more budget friendly option try Emmanuele's Swarovski creations or Gosha Atelier’s wire, mesh and crystal costume pieces.

Avoid black but if you must do it then go for fabrics with sheen or texture that will help bounce light against your face, like Project D's Claudia dress in black sequins. Also stay away from muted greens/yellows/browns which will accentuate bags under the eyes. Use bold blue tone jewel colours like violet and red.

If you're feeling the bloat from too many canapés and champagne, get some spanx on to smooth over any lines and also help correct your posture. The taller you stand, the stronger you look. Slap on a fabulous red lippie and you'll look more confident even if you're not feeling it. For a serious pep-up, visit facialist Nuz Shugaa for her bespoke red carpet facial at the Beauty Lounge