MANY of you will have just returned from holiday all nice and tanned, dying to show off your new glow, and nowhere is this more tempting than with the legs. The papers and magazines are full of models and celebs stepping out on summer evenings in gorgeous dresses, glamorous heels and lovely bare pins. The reality for most of us, however, is that it doesn’t matter how high the shoes, how tanned our legs, they don’t look as long, slim and smooth as theirs. Now, while it’s impossible to stretch and sculpt our calves, we can make what we have look its best.

First, work on the tan – it’s much better to have brown legs than a brown face, and always wear a minimum of SPF15 on your body (SPF30 on your face). As you get older it’s harder to tan your legs so give them a little help with a good fake tan or daily body bronzer. Don’t forget to de-fuzz and exfoliate first; this will also help smooth your legs and give them that silky matt finish.

Cover any blemishes, broken veins or bruises – where they appear from I do not know – but they can be quite noticeable, so don’t ruin the effect. The best product I’ve found is Estee Lauder’s Maximum Cover Camouflage for Face and Body – £24.50 for a large tube. It’s a liquid crème that covers really well and it’s waterproof. If you have any post-surgery scars or acne scarring on your face, this is just what you need. If your legs are naturally tanned, you’ll probably want their medium/deep colour, and I brush some Clinique Bronzer over the top to really blend it in.

If you have any really deep scars or tattoos that you want to cover up, then make-up artist Hayley Gittins recommends Dermacolor. You’ll need the cream, fixing powder and spray and it’ll cost from about £25, available from Charles Fox in Covent Garden. Sara Hollamby is a business image consultant at Email her at