How to accessorise your work wardrobe

Steve Dinneen
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These are not showy times in office-wear – simple and elegant should be at the forefront of your mind. If you stand out, it should be for your impeccable style rather than the bright gold cuff-links flashing on your wrists.

Ties, especially, should avoid anything garish – it may be the spring collection but that doesn’t mean it’s time to break out the candy stripes. Block colours (think greens, blues and mustards) that bring life to darker suits should be a starting point. A classic striped tie like the grey, navy, red and white Gant (above) also works well. For something a bit more adventurous, a knitted tie adds a contemporary flourish to your office wardrobe. Slim is still the catwalk choice but ultra-skinny disappeared with The Strokes.

For belts and wallets, look no further than classic leather. Brown works as a great compliment for any suit that isn’t black.

If you’re pining for something brighter, an accessory like the blue gingham umbrella (below) will liven up a rainy afternoon, while folding away in a corner in time for your next meeting.

“Rugger” club striped tie

Sapphire set cuff links
William & Son

saddle belt
Ralph Lauren

Plain blue tie
Spencer Hart

Narrow Polka Dot Tie
Paul Smith

Blue Gingham Umbrella
London Undercover

Classic billfold wallet

Flecked knitted silk tie
Burberry London