How the 4th gen iPad measures up

Steve Dinneen
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The surprise package in the Apple announcements last month was the news there would be an update to the 3rd generation iPad.

Apple says it will continue to sell the iPad 2 (starting price £329) but will replace the “new iPad” (which is now the old iPad – this naming business is getting rather complicated...) with the 4th gen model.

The new, new iPad comes with an updated processor capable of running up to twice as fast as its predecessor, 4G capability in the UK (on selected models) and uses Apple’s new Lightning connector.

We lined the two models up head-to-head for a speed test and the new version does come out a clear winner. It’s not that the old version isn’t already pretty speedy, but the 4th generation is certainly a step up, albeit an incremental one.

If you already own a 3rd generation iPad, there isn’t enough extra here to make you upgrade. But if you’re an iPad 2 owner (or, dare I say it, another brand of tablet altogether), this is yet another reason to take the leap.