Holloway: Premier League want Blackpool relegated

BLACKPOOL manager Ian Holloway has accused the Premier League of insulting his team and wanting them relegated.

The Tangerines go into Sunday’s final fixture of the campaign at Manchester United desperately hoping for a result that could hoist them out of the bottom three. But Holloway has been angered by suggestions United could be fined if Sir Alex Ferguson rests key players for the Champions League final six days later.

“They will be relieved if we lose and get relegated,” said the outspoken boss. “Then I am not badgering them. I am so annoyed. Sir Alex Ferguson is a winner. He would never dream of not being interested in winning any match. Those people running the game, what planet are they on? They must have beamed down from planet Zarf. They are not in the right world. They think we can only beat Manchester United if they are weak. What a load of baloney.”

So tight is the bottom six that Blackpool could beat United and still go down, while they could also stay up even if they lose. “On Sunday, we have to try and do the impossible,” he added. “No one else has beaten them. And if we do, they might get fined because we are rubbish.”