Hit a different piste this winter

Timothy Barber
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FOR many of us there’s nothing to beat the feeling of whizzing down a slope at full pelt – skiing can provide a rush unlike any other. Having said that, queuing for ages to get near a lift, having to improvise slalom skills to avoid other skiers on overcrowded slopes and paying small fortunes for equipment hire (or even for a beer) are some of the less attractive parts of the Alpine experience.

It’s easy to assume that deciding where to go skiing simply means deciding where to go in the Alps (or the Rockies if we’re feeling extravagant). But skiing should embrace the spirit of adventure, and there’s ample opportunity to be more adventurous in choosing destinations. Not only are you likely to find cheaper resorts and facilities, you can also enjoy less crowded pistes and diverse local culture.

We look at five places that may not be best-known for their skiing, but which offer excellent opportunities to those after something a little different.