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ONE of the biggest winners in the recent Richard Desmond versus Tom Bower libel trial was Hiscox, the insurer backing Bower&rsquo;s publishers.<br /><br />Like everybody else on the Bower side, Hiscox underwriter Ian Birdsey spent an anxious last day at the trial as the jury deliberated over its decision.<br /><br />Within an hour of the verdict, though, Birdsey joined Bower&rsquo;s legal team and friends such as former Crimewatch presenter Nick Ross in El Vino&rsquo;s on Fleet Street celebrating a famous victory, chuffed that there would be no &pound;1m payout. There were rumours yesterday that Desmond may appeal the case, but these were being discounted by Bower&rsquo;s legal team. Birdsey himself spent much of the nine days of the trial in court, missing only one day of the case.<br /><br />Hiscox is one of the major media insurers, and an extract from one of its policies shows a myriad of potential media pitfalls &ndash; defamation, malicious falsehood and implied contractual duty of care &ndash; to name a few.