On his naughty list? Revenge of Secret Santa

A DISTURBING Christmas survey from NPW, the supplier of impulse purchase products to high street stores such as John Lewis and Paperchase.

The firm’s Christmas elves told The Capitalist that not only do a third of us now enter into office present-giving via a mystery Father Christmas, but 32 per cent of chief executives use Secret Santa as an excuse to anonymously wreak revenge on their least favourite colleagues.

The Capitalist was sceptical but conducted its own research, and discovered Santa style punishment was rife in the Square Mile. One City-based broker told the story of a colleague with a poor deskside manner, who would frequently return from lunch with grease stains and “basically his entire meal” on his shirt.

Our spotless broker couldn’t believe his luck when he drew the messy neighbour in the floor’s Secret Santa sweepstakes: “I bought him an adult bib that has a tie printed on it, and some baby wipes.”

Ho-ho-ho. But how did he remain incognito, you ask? “I wrote it with my left hand so that he didn’t know it was me.”