Hirsutes you, sir

The boom in male grooming continues apace – and according to Braun’s new ambassador Andrew Davis, it isn’t all about tapping into one’s inner metrosexual, despite what some brands would have you believe.

You’ll be forgiven for not recognising Davis’ name, but if you’re a fan of the respective looks of Tom Cruise, Tinie Tempah, Amir Khan or Daniel Craig, then you’re well and truly acquainted with his work.

Over the years he’s consulted for D&G and Calvin Klein and worked at magazines including Arena Home and The Face, so it’s pretty safe to say that he knows a thing or two about grooming.

I caught up with him to find out his top five tips and ideas to style your facial hair without the fuss.

I am a massive fan of a nice full beard and they have become a key fashion accessory over the past few years. For best results, keep the back and sides of your hair short and classic and your beard hair neat and tidy, for an easily maintained but polished style. The Braun CruZer6 is good for dealing with unruly head and facial hair.

If you’re on the more ambitious side, why not take the plunge and experiment with your moustache? One of my favourite trends for this season, which is by no means for the faint hearted, is a pronounced but polished look I like to call, the “moon raker.” Keep hair gelled back off the face to make sure the moustache is the main focal point. Make sure the shape you go for stays tidy by using a trimmer.

This is the perfect look for a guy who enjoys a relaxed off-duty style and is not afraid of some healthy stubble. Three days before the desired look is required, have a clean shave. Then, using a shaver, tailor the length of your stubble to achieve an undone but polished look.

If you’re afraid of a full beard and don’t feel you’re suave enough for a styled moustache or goatee, a traditional, neat style with defined sideburns is for you. After growing out your facial hair for a week or so, trim your beard and sideburns so the length is consistent all over. Team with a tweed jacket or wool flat cap to top it off and you’re sorted.

Although facial hair has become a key fashion accessory, body hair should still be kept tidy and to a minimum. If you’re jetting off to a sunny destination this winter, make sure you are prepared and don’t have too much body hair on show. Excess body hair is still a no-no.