HIM launches new fund for ex-New Star manager

FORMER NEW Star fund manager Nick Brind is to be handed the reins of a new financials fund at investment boutique HIM Capital.<br /><br />The fund, set to be domiciled in Dublin, will be launched on 15 October and will be the first Brind will manage since he gave up the New Star Financial Opportunities fund in March. Management of that fund was assumed by Swiss hedge fund heavyweight Guy de Blonay, who manages the other financials funds at the asset manager, which is now owned by Henderson. <br /><br />The new fund will be named HIM Income and seek to deliver yield of six per cent each year to its investors.<br /><br />It will focus on the firms with the strongest balance sheets within the sectors most affected by the financial crisis, the group said. <br /><br />Brind originally joined New Star in April 2005 when the group acquired his fund from Exeter Asset Management.