Highest wages but low ticket price at Man City

THEY may have the highest wage bill in the Premier League, but Manchester City are a world away from superstar salaries when it comes to their season ticket prices.

Analysis carried out by City A.M. reveals that City are placed 10th in the table of cheapest regular season tickets, while their most expensive is only 11th compared to top-flight rivals.

The cheapest regular season ticket at the Etihad Stadium costs £495, or £26 per game, while the most expensive regular season ticket is £665, or £35 per game.

Norwich, Southampton and West Ham all charge more for their cheapest regular season ticket than the 2011-12 English champions, who boast stars such as £38m Argentina striker Sergio Aguero.

By comparison, the most expensive regular season ticket at Fulham is almost 50 per cent more than that at City.

London clubs charge five of the six highest season ticket prices in the Premier League, with Arsenal's £1,955 equating to £75.20 per match (for 26 matches), while Spurs' £1,895 equates to £90.24 per match (for 21 matches).

City also offer an even cheaper ticket, the so-called “value gold” option at £299. The catch is that supporters do not choose where they are seated.

Neighbours Manchester United, who reclaimed the top-flight title last month, are also surprisingly affordable. They offer the 13th cheapest regular season ticket, at £532 or £28 per game.

Outside of the Premier League, the cheapest London season ticket in the Championship is at Charlton, where it costs £300 or £13.05 per game.

Division rivals Watford’s most affordable offering is £380 or £16.50 per game, QPR’s is £389 or £16.90 per game, and Millwall’s costs £470 or £20.45 per game.

The Lions’ most expensive non-discounted season ticket is only £1.25 per game more, however, at £499. Charlton’s still costs the least, at £440, with Watford at £490 and QPR at £599.