Highest rate of savings found in Richmond area

SEVERAL neighbourhoods in London and the south east have among the highest average level of savings, the Halifax revealed yesterday.

Residents in one part of Richmond have the highest rate of savings in the UK, with a section of Putney coming a close third.

Outside south-eastern England, some postcodes in Scotland were also among the highest for saver rates, with two areas in Aberdeen occupying top ten places.

Nine of the top 10 neighbourhoods for savings rates are in London or Scotland, according to the data based on Halifax’s own accounts.

“The research also points to postal areas in Harrogate building their savings pots to rival those in the south,” said Halifax’s Flavia Palacios Umana.

A postcode in Harrogate registered the 10th highest savings rate.

Overall, the south east has the highest average rate of savings out of all the British regions, according to the data.

Average savings totalled £6,653 in the south east excluding London, with East Anglia coming a very close second with an average of £6,634.

In London the average savings account held £6,211, above the UK wide average of £6,074.