High speed internet on your phone

Q When will 4G be available on my mobile phone?
A EE has started testing ahead of a rollout in the coming weeks in London, Cardiff, Birmingham and Bristol, with 12 other cities to follow by Christmas and more expansion next year. Only new EE customers will have 4G, although chief executive Olaf Swantee said he would make it easy for Orange and T-Mobile users to switch network.

Q What about those on Vodafone, O2 and Three?
A Other networks will roll out 4G services in the second half of 2013 after communications watchdog Ofcom auctions off 4G-approved network spectrum later in the year.

Q What phones and tablets will be able to take advantage of EE’s 4G network?
A Few current phones are equipped to run EE’s 4G network, which uses a frequency different to the US 4G networks that many are designed for. Updated versions of these handsets are being released however, and EE will have several 4G-equipped phones when it launches, probably including the iPhone 5. The latest iPad cannot use EE’s 4G network however.