Hershey needs to get the green light from its trust

HERSHEY, the US candy giant that makes the iconic Kisses chocolate and Reese&rsquo;s peanut butter cups, has its own hurdles to overcome before it can make an offer for Cadbury.<br /><br />The group&rsquo;s Hershey Trust Company &ndash; an independent trust company founded by Milton S. Hershey in 1905 &ndash; controls 30 per cent of the candy maker and 80 per cent of the group&rsquo;s voting rights.<br /><br />The trust has the power to remove directors if it feels that they are taking it in a direction that it believes isn&rsquo;t beneficial to the company. <br /><br />In 2002, the trust blocked the $12.5bn (&pound;7.5bn) sale of Hershey to Wrigley amid opposition in its home state of Pennsylvania. The seven trust board members who backed a deal were ousted. It remains unclear whether the trust would allow a bid this time around, even if the US chocolate maker were able to strike a deal with Ferrero.