Hearts beating faster at dating website Cupid

AFTER a heartbreaking end to last week, investors were feeling all loved up again with online dating site Cupid yesterday, after the firm rushed to deny reports that its staff had been moonlighting as eligible members.

Shares in Cupid, which promises to “get your heart beating a little faster” and “generate butterflies and tummy-wobbles” fell like a poisoned arrow at the end of last week, after it admitted it had launched an investigation into a report that employees had been creating ficticious profiles to lure men into paying for a subscription to the service.

But the lovers’ tiff seemed to be over yesterday, as shares bounced back by more than 50 per cent following a statement from the virtual matchmaker that it “does not employ members of staff to impersonate users or use any other dubious practice to encourage customers to take out subscriptions.”

Hopefully the only pulses racing from now on will be the firm’s users – and not the shareholders.