Healey and Lamont back leaving EU

TWO more former chancellors of the exchequer yesterday said that the UK should consider leaving the EU if it cannot renegotiate its relationship with the bloc.

Labour’s Dennis Healey and Conservative Norman Lamont said it was time to reconsider Britain’s membership of the organisation.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson said “we have to be prepared to go our own way” if the UK cannot strike a deal with the EU. Their intervention follows similar declarations by ex chancellor Nigel Lawson and ex shadow chancellor Michael Portillo.

Better Capital’s Jon Moulton has also indicated that he is sympathetic to Ukip.

The news came as backbench Tory MPs yesterday sprung a trap on David Cameron with a plan to force a House of Commons vote on holding an EU referendum.

A number of MPs have tabled a loosely-worded amendment saying they “respectfully regret” that the government did not include plans for a vote on the UK’s membership of the EU in Wednesday’s Queen’s Speech.

They hope to gain cross-party support for the motion, which could go towards the House of Commons early next week.