Have your say on Portugal’s bailout – join our London business panel

THE latest Voice of the City survey, in association with PoliticsHome.com, would like to know what you think about the Portuguese bailout, and the role you think the UK should play.

To participate, simply go to www.cityam.com/panel and answer the questions below. Results will be published in Monday’s paper. All of the data provided is confidential and will not be shared with any other party.

1. The UK may have to contribute £4bn towards the European bailout of Portugal. Do you think contributing is the right or wrong step for the UK to take?

l Totally right
l Somewhat right
l Somewhat wrong
l Totally wrong

2. Do you feel the Portuguese government’s request for a bailout has justified the coalition’s level and speed of cuts to public expenditure?

l Yes. The level and speed of cuts have been justified.
l No. The cuts need to be more drastic.
l No. The cuts are being made too drastically.

3. Labour shadow chancellor Ed Balls has expressed scepticism towards UK participation in bailouts of European countries. How does this make you feel towards him?

l Much more favourable
l Somewhat more favourable
l Neither more nor less favourable
l Somewhat less favourable
l Much less favourable