Have some truly egg-cellent fun this Easter break

Rococo Hens Eggs Stuffed With Praline, £24.99, Selfridges
“Having actual eggs full of praline is a good idea,” said tasters, “but there are some serious structural problems”. For one: “it all gets sticky and messy after a few minutes of peeling the egg shell. A lot of cleaning up required.” Another complained that “the praline is a bit rich in such quantities”. 6/10 (for creativity).

Harrods White Chocolate and Raspberry Inclusion Egg, £24.95 It’s impressive to look at, but “very sickly; the texture with the creamy chocolate and freeze-dried fruit became cloying in the mouth.” “Good,” mused another, “but a bit like something you find mixed into unhealthy <a href="http://www.warburtons.co.uk/breakfast/breakfast-recipes"; target="_new">breakfast</a> cereal.” “Excellent presentation, which counts for a lot,” said a more charitable taster. 6/10.

Hotel Chocolat Champagne Truffle Egg, £34
“Amazing,” raved one chocolate muncher. “I love the champagne truffles – alcoholic content versus sweetness is just right.” Beamed another: “The presentation of the box with the pink and white champagne truffles is very aesthetically pleasing.” “Delicious,” said another. What’s not to love? 9/10

MELT Hockney-inspired Egg, £58, 59 Ledbury Road, W11 2AA
Utterly stunning. “I honestly don’t want to eat this egg because it’s so beautiful.” “The egg is even more lovely than Hockney’s paintings”. Get the idea? The chocolate is good and creamy, but this is a class-act egg to give to someone you really want to impress. Panache incarnate. 10/10

Paul A Young Sea Salted Caramel Egg, £19.95
The clear winner. “Frankly near-orgasmic,” said one taster. “TO DIE FOR” and “DREAMY. INTENSE. ADULT”, said a chorus of reporters, unable to control their voices. “The deliciously buttery and salty caramel inside the egg contrasts with the slightly bitter dark chocolate shell” and “it’s like a pot of melted Werther's Original.” Bloody brilliant. That about sums it up, really. 11/10

Prestat Sea Salt Caramel Truffle Easter Egg, £22.50
“Truffles were good” and “egg itself a bit disappointing for dark chocolate lovers. But if you prefer mild dark chocolate, you'll probably appreciate the egg too.” More importantly: “courageous salt levels. Not for the sodium averse.” Well, it’s a combination that works, so why not? 7.5/10

La Maison du Chocolat Chococoque, £56
Absolutely delicious: “milky, sweet, creamy, yummy”. “Cute presentation”, too. One detractor said the “dark chocolate eggs tasted a bit like cardboard.” But “the milk/praline eggs were much better, with the right creamy feel and strong but not overwhelming nutty taste. “Obviously beautiful to look at.” Small but perfectly formed, we say. 9/10

Waitrose Dark Chocolate Egg with Orange Swirl, £6.99
Rich and meaty: dark chocolate made sweeter with chunks of dried orange that lends both “sex appeal” and “crunch”. In the words of one taster: “The orange lends a lovely Mediterranean-y orange twang. Makes one think of the man from Del Monte, dressed as a bunny.” Good old Waitrose. 9/10

Damian Allsop Limited Edition Egg, £39.95, Mount Street Deli
This gold-coloured egg “looked quite classy, but was fairly standard dark chocolate”. Still others rated it more highly: “dark, bitter, good” and “10/10 for dark chocolate lovers - deliciously smooth” but for a small but vocal minority, presentation was a niggle: “it looks like a corporate gift.” Overall, classic and elegant. 7.5/10