Harman: Men should be blamed for the downturn

LABOUR&rsquo;S deputy leader Harriet Harman sparked a storm yesterday, when she said men&nbsp; were to blame for the financial crisis. <br /><br />Harman, who is in charge at Downing Street while Prime Minister&nbsp;&nbsp; Gordon Brown takes his annual holiday, said a higher preponderance of male bankers was responsible for the downturn.&nbsp; <br /><br />She made the comments after sparking controversy over the weekend, when she said a woman should hold of one Labour&rsquo;s top jobs, as men &ldquo;cannot be left to run things on their own&rdquo;, a view that earnt derision from some in the party, including former deputy leader John Prescott. <br /><br />Yesterday Harman said she was defending her views on equality and repeated a call to increase the number of women in bank boardrooms.&nbsp; <br /><br />&ldquo;Somebody did say... that if it had been Lehman sisters rather than Lehman Brothers then there may not have been as much of a downturn,&rdquo; Harman said when pressed on her opinions.