Half of Tube journeys run

Steve Dinneen
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TRANSPORT for London (TfL) yesterday claimed to have run 48 per cent of trains despite the mass walkout by its staff.

Around 50 per cent of regular Oyster journeys were completed using the underground network, with 80 per cent of stations remaining open, the operator claimed.

Mike Brown, managing director of London Underground, said: “The tube carried half of its usual number of passengers today despite the pointless strike.

“We want an end to this dispute, and have given the unions every assurance that stations will remain staffed, every station that currently has a ticket office will retain one, and that there will be no compulsory redundancies.

However, unions branded the claims “barefaced lies”. A spokesman told City A.M.: “The passenger figures are total fantasy. London Underground has been running ‘ghost trains’ through closed stations.

“Most stations were closed and TfL are lying through their back teeth.”

Brown denied the claims, adding: “The unions have offered absolutely no evidence that the information we are providing to help passengers get around London is anything other than accurate.”