Guildhall thesp goes from the City to the big screen in Les Mis

A FORMER City worker has travelled back in time – from 21st century London to 18th century revolutionary France – to appear in Tom Hooper’s Les Misérables.

Sheryl Miles, a former employee of the City of London’s Guildhall, successfully auditioned for a role as one of the factory workers in the film which opened last weekend and earlier this week picked up three Golden Globes at the industry’s annual award ceremony.

But Les Mis was not her first foray into the thespian world.

The Capitalist notices in an online resumé that Miles was cast in several theatrical productions last year, including the unusually titled You Me Bum Bum Train and The Psycho That Came To Tea.

As they say, everyone has to start somewhere.

An email arrived in The Capitalist’s inbox recently from law firm Baker & McKenzie – a summons to the firm’s New Year drinks reception later this month. Instead of the traditional venue of the British Museum, with which the firm had a three-year partnership, the invitation named the V&A’s Hollywood Costume exhibition as the chosen location for the annual gathering. What was the reason for the change? The Capitalist was told the firm wanted to diversify and offer something new to clients. It added: “Obviously the fact that they are now showing an interesting exhibition was a plus.” Shame for the solicitors that Reese Witherspoon’s hot pink ensemble from Legally Blonde seems to have been overlooked by curators.