Greggs set for frozen market in Iceland deal

BAKERY chain Greggs said yesterday it has started a trial with Iceland Frozen Foods to test the potential for the supermarket to sell frozen Greggs branded sausage rolls for shoppers to bake at home.

“This is a trial which will enable Greggs to assess the potential for its savoury foods to be sold into the frozen take home market, and to identify any impact this could have on its existing shop business,” the firm said.

The trial will see a four-pack of Greggs branded sausage rolls sold in 10 Iceland shops in Liverpool, and other areas in the north west of the country.

Separately Greggs said that customers would for the first time be able to pay for purchases over £3 with a debit or credit card. Previously only cash payments have been accepted.

Greggs chief executive Ken McMeikan said the firm planned to attack the end of day take-home market as it seeks new revenue streams in a trading environment which he does not expect to improve any time soon. Shares in Greggs have increased by nearly a quarter over the last year.

Greggs opened 68 new shops in the UK last year and plans to add another 80 by the end of this one. There are now more than 1,500 places to pick up their famous steak bakes and sausage rolls. More than 10m breakfast rolls have been sold since last February. The firm is also planning to sell healthier options.