Greenhill and Evercore bosses raise $300m by flogging company shares

BOSSES at investment banks Greenhill and Evercore Partners have taken advantage of rocketing markets by selling off tranches of their company stock, raising $300m (&pound;182m) in total.<br /><br />The top four staff at Greenhill have raised $142m and the top three staff at Evercore have raised $18.3m, according to filings.<br /><br />Goldman Sachs benefited after bookrunning both share sales, netting fees of $7.4m from the Greenhill sale alone, according to filings made with US markets regulator the Securities and Exchange Commission.<br /><br />At the end of July, Greenhill bosses launched a share offer at $76 per share, a 5.1 per cent discount on the previous day&rsquo;s closing price of $80. The share sellers took away $73.53 per share and Goldman pocketed the difference.<br /><br />Founder and chairman Robert Greenhill walked away with $76m, according to the filings.<br /><br />Greenhill&rsquo;s London-based co-chief executive, Simon Borrows, raised $24m and also transferred shares to St Catherine&rsquo;s School, an independent school for girls in Surrey.<br /><br />Scott Bok, the other co-chief executive, raised $24m while the chairman of Greenhill Capital Partners, Robert Niehuas, raised $17.8m.<br /><br />At Evercore Partners, a share sale netted $61.5m in total.<br /><br />Founder and chairman Roger Altman trousered $9.6m, co-chairman Pedro Aspe raised $5.1m and Eduardo Mestre, vice chairman at the firm, banked $3.6m, the filings show.