Greece asks for €162bn reparations

Ben Southwood
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A DOCUMENT marked top secret and leaked to the Greek press has revealed the crisis-hit state believes Germany owes it €162bn (£106bn) in war reparations.

The figure – equivalent to 80 per cent of Greek GDP – includes €108bn in compensation for the catastrophic damage visited upon the country’s infrastructure and economy under the Nazi occupation of 1941 to 1944.

The 80-page classified report was initially leaked to Greek Sunday newspaper To Vima over the weekend.

The research was carried out over months by the General Accounting Office, who pored over 190,000 pages of documents, scattered among many government archives.

Meanwhile, official data body Elstat said consumer prices fell 0.2 per cent in March, the first fall in 45 years, as the Greek economy continues to shrink drastically.