The great outdoors

Rob Ryan Bunting, £24.95,
Very cute and colourful way to lend vibrancy and style to your garden. Perfect for parties, too.

Art Meets Matter Coast 2 Pistachio Deckchair, £75,
Listing all the UK’s sunniest destinations, this is a groovy litte number and will transport you you straight to the seaside.

Graham and Green Pig Planter, £24.95,
Odd, vaguely disturbing, but also really quite brilliant way to show off your green fingers.

Legend cafe chair, £129,
Industrial chic for the cooler garden. Also perfect for a roof terrace. Nice and solid, but probably best purchased in a set.

John Lewis FSC Eucalyptus rocker lounger, £199,
A real design piece but at a good price, you’re sure to catch eyes with this ergonomic number. Sit back, relax and enjoy the summer (if it ever arrives, that is).

SCP Hee lounge chair by Hee Welling, £215,
Hip Danish designer whose chairs have become iconic. This one is seriously slick and will give any outdoor space a dash of urban chic.

Conran Shop Valentine double lounger, £3,495,
This is the sort of mega-comfort investment that you will never, ever regret – if you can afford it. At least it comes with the cushions.

John Hanley pink tartan merino wool blanket, £140,
Gorgeous and snuggly in just the pastels spring style demands. Perfect for chilly evenings with the BBQ and some red wine.